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Labradorite and Labradorescene

Posted by Benazir Arfi on

For a layman like me, before my training with GIA, a Labradorite would be an interesting stone, a little hard to describe.  I would probably describe it as a bluish grey stone with a rainbow effect on it. 

Generally speaking a Labradorite usually shows a single, bright color that flashes accross a broad area of the stone and then seems to dissapear as the gemstone is moved. This dissapearence of broad flash of color in the Labradorite is called Labroderescene.

It is highly uncommon to see vast productions of jewelry in this gemstone. However, Labradorite seems to be very popular with designers and jewelers who do custom pieces. Personally, I find it hard to find a good quality stone all the time. And when I find one I spare no time to create something with it. 

My manufacturer called me a couple of months ago informing me that he has a few stones available that might be of interest to me. This is what we created:





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