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About Us


Benazir was a budding, creative designer of clothing and a sketch artist from her early years.  Besides being a student in business, her passion for sketching never died. After a long hiatus from her design creations and raising two teenage boys, Benazir decided to get back to her creative roots. After being a stay-at-home mom for almost 17 years, she decided to dip her toes into the designing world again and this time it was going to be jewelry. Benazir went to trade school to be certified with the GIA at Carlsbad, CA and Benazir Collection was established in 2013. Benazir Collection jewelry is available in over 100 boutiques and retailers around the USA.




About BC jewelry:

Benazir Collection jewelry is set on Sterling Silver or 22k Gold plated Sterling Silver. She uses these solid metals to emphasize the nature and beauty of the stones, transforming them into bold works of art. As a woman born and raised in India, her designs are influenced by her cultural roots. However, you will also see traces of different cultures reflected in her designs because of her extensive global travels

Benazir trusts that you will wear her jewelry in good health and spirits and treat each piece as you would treat anything that is special…. with the utmost care.

“Timeless and Elegant- I want my customers to feel confident and loved when they wear my pieces. My design goal is to create a piece of jewelry that can be dressed up and dressed down depending on the occasion and mood.”

- Benazir Arfi, Creative Director, Benazir Collection Jewelry

Besides designing jewelry, Benazir loves to bake and travel. She has a passion for learning new cultures and traditions. Benazir also volunteers and serves on the board of two nonprofit organizations based in Dallas. While not working on her designs, she spends time with her husband, Tanvir and kids, Ozy and Zain. She is also a proud fur mom to 2-year-old, Gatsby.