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Posted by Benazir Arfi on

 For those of you who know me, already know that this is not my first blog. I have blogged about my various travels and other topics of interest. It brings me great joy in writing about my dream project, Benazir Collection.

Benazir Collection was established in 2013 and my jewelry is available at several upscale boutiques in Michigan and Texas. I was very reluctant about having a website or to sell online. There has been a great demand for it and I am finally stepping into the world of online retailing.

Speaking about my jewelry and the process of creating them, everything in my collection is individually designed and handmade. As the logo speaks for itself, I take pride in the fact that everything is Handmade which makes every piece unique and special.

As far as the process is concerned, it generally starts with a rough sketch. It is modified several times before I finalize it. My designs also vary depending on the time of the year. For instance the Holiday collection has more bright and bold pieces.

Before my sourcing trips to my manufacturers in Jaipur (in the state of Rajasthan, India), there is a series of emails and phone calls that I make. I discuss my designs with them and inform them of my needs.

I made my last trip to Jaipur in September. Everything was on schedule and the first thing that I was going to do is pick my stones for my jewelry. The one thing that has been established over the last three years is my love for Sapphires and the array of colors it offers. I am very particular about the stones that I use. I only use natural stones. Which means that the stones are not treated or filled. My training with GIA in Carlsbad, CA has helped me in a big way in educating me in distinguishing  between a natural and lab created or treated stone.


Picking the right stones from the thousands.



















Once the stones have been selected, we then sort them out in various designs. The process of picking the stones is the hardest. I try to balance my choice  with three things in my mind- color, size and shape of the stones. We then sit together and brainstorm which stones go well with what design.

Please excuse the quality of the picture. These are just for reference.

Here is the point from where I sit back and wait for my finished product to arrive. It generally takes 4-6 weeks. I am very fortunate to have a team of very skilled artisans. From time to time, I get updates from my manufacturer about the progress of my order.

Several people find this to be a very tedious job. To me its a passion. I am really happy about being able to follow my dream. As I continue with this journey, I will be posting new blogs. Keep posted here as I inform you of new products and the stories from my journey.







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  • I have couple of pieces from Benazir Collection, they are just very beautifully hand crafted and look stunning. Lot of hard work goes into the final result of the product. Very interesting journey from the beginning to the end amazing product. Good luck!

    Azra fatima on
  • Congratulations on the launch of your website! I love your jewelry! I love the modern look with the gorgeous stones!

    Shireen Munir on

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